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CW| Cedrik | Bachelor Herd | Elite Scavenger by Royalitie
CW| Cedrik | Bachelor Herd | Elite Scavenger


If Cedrik had a Theme song, this one would express my boy beautifully:…;

General Information

Name: Cedrik
Age: 21 years old
Gender: Male | Stallion
Breed: Unknown Draft Mix
Height: 20 hh
Orientation: Heterosexual
Mate: N/a
Herd Affiliation: Bachelor Herd
Rank: Elite Scavenger


{ Withdrawn | Cold | Intelligent | Observant | Emotionless | Honest | Secretive | Bipolar }

{ Withdrawn }
To simply put it; Cedrik is broken. But he doesn’t show it. He’s sealed his fragile self away, and has created a new self. Gone is the Bold and Sarcastic Grump, and here is the new Silent and Cold stallion. Cedrik doesn't speak a lot, but he will from time to time if he feels it's necessary.

{ Cold }
Cedrik isn't warm and fuzzy, that’s for sure. He’s become cold, emotionless. He doesn't pay attention to how others feel, which is one of the reason’s why he’s mostly found alone due to inability to understand another’s feelings.

{ Intelligent }
Cedrik is one to think before he acts. He’s not a risk-taker, and always has some sort of a plan when going into action. But, with this intelligence, he’s also got a strong dislike for some of the brutes within his herd. So Cedrik isn't particularly fond of the bachelor ways of treating a mare like they have no particular value, but he puts up with it...for now atleast.

{ Observant }
Cedrik pays attention to things that most don’t. He’s learned to study the body language of others, and can now depict how one feels through the simple movement of their body. The other herd members don’t know that Cedrik can do this though, and they remain oblivious until Cedrik deems it necessary to tell them about it.

{ Emotionless }
Cedrik doesn’t feel. He simply can’t, and he refuses to. He’ll walk around with a blank, almost bored expression. There have been a few rare times he has shown some deep hidden emotion, but the horses who've experienced this rare state have all left and haven't uttered a single word about it. 

{ Honest }
Cedrik is always speaking the truth, and will not be seen lying about anything. Sometimes his honesty is bit too blunt, and sometimes it can be refreshing to those who appreciate it. There was one time when he was younger when he met a loner and had lied to the herd about it. But since then, he hasn’t been telling a single lie.

{ Secretive }
Cedrik has many personal secrets, and he doesn't appreciate it when others try to pry and learn about the mysterious stallion. If you currently happen to know of one, he’s gonna make sure you never speak of it again. 

{ Bipolar }
Cedrik doesn't often show this trait, because it’s not a very prominent characteristic of himself. When it happens, it usually isn't drastic but it does perplex others when it occurs. During these, he doesn't remember anything that occurs


    Cedrik has a Complicated past…Filled with secrets and Mysteries of the unknown about him. He doesn't usually talk about his past, and he avoids the topic at all times. But a few have learned of his past, and they are the rare few who know about the behemoth’s life story.

    It all began with his birth…

    You might not believe it but Cedrik was born as a loner on the eastern island. Completely and utterly oblivious to what lie ahead for him later in his first year of life. Oddly, he had no father figure. His mother never told him who his father was, and at the time the newborn him didn’t care for that information. Naturally, like all foals, he had an endless curiosity and naive nature to him. He soaked up anything he learned from his mother, all about the individual herds that lived in the land of Chevalin. He learned of the Olde herd, and their beliefs of unicorns. Then he learned about the Exile herd, where a raging fire had taken most of their flourishing land away from them, which cause them many troubles and hardships. Lastly, he learned of the Bachelor Brutes, who believed in using brutish ways to rule over their luscious lands. As his mother relayed this information to him, she warned him to never venture too far from her, unless he wanted to be caught by the brutes they shared the island with. So young Cedrik heeded her warning for now, but as time passed the newborn turned into a fairly large yearling, taller than his own mother. By then, Cedrik was much more daring, outgoing, and still naive to the harsh reality of the world.  It was mid-winter when Cedrik’s life had changed drastically.

    Cedrik was in a overly adventurous mood, wanting to go beyond the boundaries his mother set for him. Before he left to explore, he made sure his mother was oblivious to his intentions, and set off for an adventure. Galloping through the wintery landscape, his long white mane and tail flowing behind him, blending with his surroundings. His mane almost looked as if it was the snow itself flowing from his thick black coat, which contrasted against the pale white snow. The pounding of his hooves, the burning in his lungs as he inhaled the cold air deeply, all gave him an exhilarating feeling he never experienced before. (CURRENTLY A WIP)

Cedrik, art @ Royalitie 
Got lots and lots of stuff to go through before Im fully able to commit myself here again
guys if you don't know this already I have lost ALL access to electronics/internet due to some problems between me and my parents.
Objective 4|Phase 3| Be careful of whom you trust by Royalitie
Objective 4|Phase 3| Be careful of whom you trust

.: Be Careful of Whom You Trust :.



+5 tier & +15 WG for Jade
Phase 2|Tier Tracker |  Jade Reference 

Not to proud of how this turned out, but its the best i could do as I have little to none
Btw I'm submitting through my phone. Sorry if the formats off
Khala, Nivinara @ RusticLass MoonTiger456 
Jade, Art @ Royalitie

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