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MYO Contest| Ark Shifter | Kiran by Royalitie
MYO Contest| Ark Shifter | Kiran
Here's my entry for the MYO Ark Shifter Contest ! I spent at least a week on his design and trying to figure out his color scheme ID
I hope you like him as much as I do~!

General Information

Name: Kiran - "Ray of Light"
Nickname:  Kai
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Orientation: Pansexual
Rank: Burster ( 6 wings ) 
Job: Healer
Height: 10 ft
Species: Ark Shifter
Personality: Intelligent | Laid-Back | Eloquent | Protective 

Other Information


Fire Manipulation- Kai was born with the ability to control fire and manipulate it's properties to where it can both heal and injure another person. Though he prefers to use his gift of fire manipulation to heal others, he's not afraid to use it as a weapon if needed.

Likes: Helping others, nature, peace and quiet, reading books, naps, expanding his knowledge, playing the acoustic guitar

Dislikes: Arrogance, unnecessary violence, death, barbaric acts

Things to know:
- Right ear is the only pierced ear, with 4 piercings.
- The two red feathers are actually his mothers feathers from when she was still alive. She was his role model while he was growing up, so a lot of the stuff he's learned has come from her.
-He actually wears a large black cloak and bracers in both his human and animal form.
-He received his burn scar from when he didn't exactly know how to control his fire ability
-His fire is a bright blue/lavender color
-The markings on his back and face don't always glow, its only when his ability is in use or he's feeling a rather strong emotion. 
-When glowing, the markings on his back are always warm to the touch.

Ark shifters @ xKoday
Kiran, Art @ Royalitie
I just signed up today xD
My username is Royallitie, WITH 2 L's bc my name was already in use o.O
CW| Objective 4 Phase 2 | Expect The Unexpected by Royalitie
CW| Objective 4 Phase 2 | Expect The Unexpected

.:Expect The Unexpected:.

The small dainty mare galloped furiously towards the loud squeal of another horse, her long white locks flowing wildly behind her. She was oblivious to the world around her, only focused on the pounding of her hooves, the air that burned her lungs, the pounding of her heart in her ears, and the screams of pain coming from somewhere in the vast field before her. Bright blue eyes clouded with worry and concern as they darted back and forth, looking, searching, Hoping, that no one she knew would be harmed. The cackle of thunder above her told her of the impending rain, but she chose to ignore its obvious warnings. ll kinds of feelings coursed through her slim body, urging her on, filling her body with an absurd adrenaline rush she had never experienced before. Her rapidly beating heart pounded harder and harder, to the point it felt that it was going to burst out of her chest and explode in her ears.

Ever so slowly, rain droplets started falling from the heavy clouds, cascading down onto her sweat slicked body, giving her a little tingling feeling as each drop made impact onto her speedy form.  The weather around her fit the mood of the scene before her; dark rumbling clouds hidden by the night, fat rain droplets coming down harder and harder as time went on. Enemy horses lashing out at one another, coloring themselves in the ruby red liquid of blood. Jade had never experienced a war before, and she hoped she would never have to experience one in her life again. She didn't know what she should do, or what to expect during it.

Upon coming over the peak of a hill, the white-grey mare was filled with panic as a large draft mare was also reaching the same peak as her. Jade squealed loudly in surprise, her eyes wide open and illuminated with fear of the other larger mare. Rearing back, she hoped to avoid colliding with the other larger mare. Even as the white-grey mare leaned back on her hind legs, she still didn't stand as tall as the other draft mare, who only used her large hind legs to slide to a stop and semi-rear, as if expecting some confrontation from the smaller of the two. Jade just barely leaped out of the way in time before the other mare came down to the ground on all fours once more with a powerful thud.

Keeping her distance, Jade watched as the sky started to lighten as dawn was approaching. Turning away from the other mare, she paused and looked back at her with a curious blue eyes, wondering why she didn't attack, and then snapped her head back into the other direction as she heard the pained whinny once more. Not bothering to check if the other mare was following her, the white-grey mare sprinted into the direction where she last heard the high-pitched squeal.

+5 tier & +15 WG for Jade
Phase 1 Tier Tracker | Jade's Reference

Man i'm so proud of this because I didn't use any refs, and both of them turned out how I wanted them to ^-^
unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to RP with LizzieDlove 's Lilac so I just wrote a short story instead c:
I hope y'all enjoy! <3

Lilac @ LizzieDlove 
Jade, Art @ Royalitie 
Used this Rain texture

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